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License Renewal

Current license holders are responsible for informing the Board of Acupuncture Licensing of your current home and business address and phone.

We currently mail the renewal applications to your home address. You are required by law to inform the Board of Acupuncture Licensing (NHBAL) of any new business practice addresses within 30 days.

If you have not updated the NHBAL and you do not receive your application, it is your responsibility and is not an excuse for not renewing your application on time. You are held responsible to keep track of your license expiration date and make sure that you do appropriate approved continuing education courses or approved professional development activities to earn 30 points every two years.

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back to topRenewal of License

Any licensee wishing to renew a license shall submit the following no later than 30 days prior to the date of license expiration:

  1. The renewal application supplied by the board
  2. The fee specified

Renewal licenses shall be valid for 2 years upon approval of application submitted in a timely manner.

Failure to send the renewal application on time shall result in:

  1. The potential for a temporary period of lapsed licensure during which time the applicant shall not practice acupuncture provided that:
    1. Applicant has filed an application for renewal prior to the actual date of license expiration and that application is only awaiting board approval; or
    2. Applicant has filed a petition with the board.
  2. Expiration of licensure if application for renewal has not been received prior to the actual date of license expiration.

In the case of expiration, such person shall not practice acupuncture until such time that a new license is applied for and granted by the board on the regular meeting timetable for review of new applications.

In the case of expiration and new license application, the supporting documentation (such as degree transcripts and acupuncture education transcripts) from the original application already on file with the board shall be deemed adequate and does not need to be resubmitted. However, information that must be current, such as NCCAOM certification with new expiration date, proof of current licensure in another state with expiration date, and proof of adequate continuing education must be newly submitted.

back to topFailure to Satisfy Continuing Education Requirements

If a licensee has not met the 30 unit requirement at the time of license renewal, the licensee may petition the board for a waiver of the deadline. Contact the board as soon as possible with a plan to complete the CEU requirement in a timely manner.

File a petition with the board prior to the date of license expiration which proposes a specific timetable for completing specified courses or activities to correct the CEU deficiency; and

You shall suspend practicing acupuncture on the date of license expiration until such deficiency has been resolved and until the license is renewed.

Failure to submit such petition prior to the date of license expiration shall:

  1. Result in license expiration; and
  2. Necessitate application for a new license.

back to topRenewal Procedure

Below is information to help you properly complete your application.

Persons who wish to renew a license to practice acupuncture in New Hampshire must submit the following:

  1. Name;
  2. Residence and business addresses and telephone numbers;
  3. A statement indicating whether the applicant is actively practicing acupuncture;
  4. Disclosure, and explanation where applicable, of the following information regarding the previous 2 year period:
    1. If any malpractice claim has been made against the applicant, regardless of whether a lawsuit was filed in relation to the claim;
    2. If the applicant has been denied an acupuncture license, certificate, or registration anywhere for any reason;
    3. If the applicant had employment or appointment in a hospital, clinic or other health care facility suspended, or resigned from a health care facility in lieu of being subject to a disciplinary action;
    4. If the applicant has any formal disciplinary charges pending or if any disciplinary action has been taken against the applicant by any acupuncture or medical board, any health care facility, or any professional acupuncture association;
    5. If the applicant voluntarily surrendered a license to practice acupuncture or other healing art in lieu of facing disciplinary action;
    6. If the applicant has convicted of a crime involving violence, abuse, fraud, dishonesty, or drugs;
    7. If the applicant had a professional license in a field other than acupuncture revoked, suspended, or otherwise terminated on disciplinary grounds, or if any disciplinary actions are currently pending against the applicant in relation to any professional license held; and
    8. If the applicant has had an emotional disturbance, mental illness, organic illness, or addictive disorder which impaired the applicant's ability to practice acupuncture, and if so, a description of the treatment received and the outcome of such treatment;
  5. List on the form or a separate sheet the titles of Continuing Education Unit (CEU) courses or Professional Development Activities (PDAs) that are being submitted in fulfillment of the 30 unit continuing education requirement for renewal, enumerating the CEU value of each, the dates, and the sponsor/teacher and approving body. Please note that courses on insurance, practice building, or business are not allowed as CEU in New Hampshire for acupuncturists.
  6. You must include copies of documentation of CEU courses or PDAs as follows (for details on types of allowed CEU courses or PDAs please see Approved Continuing Education below):
    1. For courses:
      • Copies of CEU course certificates (which should state the course title, teacher, dates, # of CEU hours, and the school or organization that sponsored/approved the course (such as NESA, or NCCAOM approval number for the teacher of independent seminar). Any course that has not been sponsored or approved by a valid organization must be submitted by the teacher for approval to the NH Board of Acupuncture Licensing. See "Board Approval of Continuing Education Courses." below.
    2. For teaching or clinic supervising (only allowed if taught at formal acupuncture schools or valid formal apprenticeship programs):
      • A copy of your teaching contract, or a letter from the school on letterhead, which must specify the course/clinic titles and credit hours taught/supervised. Preparation time, even if paid, does not count as teaching. Only actual classroom hours teaching or actual hours supervising in the school clinic, which cannot be more than the number of credit hours of the course to students at the school, are allowed.
    3. For other Professional Development Activities:
      • A copy of the book or article authored by you that was published.
      • A letter from the senior acupuncturist under whom you did supervised clinical experience in acupuncture or oriental medicine stating the dates and times as well as the type of clinical experience you did (case discussion and consultation, observation of patient treatments, supervised practice, etc.).
      • Documentation of valid research with a letter from the institution under which you performed the research, stating the dates and activities performed, with number of hours of research specified.
  7. An affirmation that the applicant is currently NCCAOM certified, specifying:
    1. Active status with date of certification expiration; or
    2. Inactive status with dates and explanation thereof.
  8. A representation that the applicant acknowledges that the willful provision of false information in the application shall be a basis for disciplinary action by the board;
  9. The applicant's signature on a statement which shall declare that the information and documentation provided in the application is true, accurate, complete, and unaltered; and
  10. The date the applicant signed the application.

back to topDenial of Renewal

License renewal shall be denied if, after notice and an opportunity for hearing, there is a preponderance of the evidence to establish:

  1. Noncompliance with the continuing education requirement of Acp 402.01, notwithstanding the provisions of Acp 402.03(a);
  2. (b) Failure to furnish complete or accurate information on the renewal license application; and/or
  3. (c) That the requirements of RSA 328-G:9,II, and these rules relative to licensure and qualifications have not been, or no longer continue to be, met.

back to topContinuing Education Requirements for License Renewal

Each licensee shall complete 30 board approved units of PDAs for each 2 year renewal period.

Any units in excess of the 30 unit requirement earned during a 2 year renewal period shall be applied to fulfill the continuing education requirement of the following renewal period.

Any excess PDAs carried forward shall not be carried forward any further into subsequent biennia.

The licensee shall be responsible for proving attendance at or participation in any continuing education courses or PDAs submitted for license renewal.

back to topApproved Continuing Education Types of Activities

The following shall be considered board approved continuing education units:

  1. Continuing Education Courses which meet the criteria specified above, including Distance learning continuing education courses via CD-ROM, teleconference and Internet-based programs.

  2. Professional Development Activities which include:
    1. Research related to the knowledge and/or practice of oriental medicine;
    2. Publication which relates to the knowledge and/or practice of oriental medicine;
    3. Teaching courses in acupuncture, oriental medicine or related topics in a preceptorship (formal apprenticeship program), formal school, or approved independent seminar;
    4. Supervising students of acupuncture or oriental medicine in the clinic of a preceptorship (formal apprenticeship program) or formal school;
    5. Supervised clinical experience in oriental medicine done by you under a senior acupuncturist, including observation of patient treatments, case discussion, and/or supervised practice;
    6. Giving talks to the public does not count as professional development activities, as this is done to promote your practice or the general knowledge of acupuncture to the public or other health professionals who are not acupuncturists; and
    7. Having a student observer or assistant in your office (even if they are required to do so by a school) does not count as official teaching or clinic supervision. It is at your regular office practice and is not paid teaching at a formal school. Only a formal apprenticeship program is otherwise allowed.

PDA/CEU points shall be valued according to the following schedule:

  1. Each clock hour of a continuing education course is equivalent to one CEU point;
  2. Every 2 clock hours of documented research shall be equivalent to one PDA point;
  3. Each acupuncture article published shall be equivalent to 10 PDA points;
  4. Each acupuncture book or major work published shall be equivalent to 30 PDA points;
  5. Each clock hour spent in teaching acupuncture shall be equivalent to one PDA point;
  6. Each clock hour spent in the clinical supervision of acupuncture or oriental medicine students shall be equivalent to one PDA point;
  7. Each clock hour of supervised clinical experience done by you under a senior acupuncturist shall be equivalent to one and a half PDA points.

back to topGeneral Requirements of All Continuing Education Courses

All courses shall be relevant to the practice of acupuncture and oriental medicine and provide skills and knowledge that enhance an acupuncturist's practice including:

  1. Oriental medical theory, techniques, nutrition, and herbology;
  2. Western sciences such as:
    1. Anatomy;
    2. Physiology;
    3. Pathology;
    4. Biochemistry;
    5. Microbiology;
    6. Psychology;
    7. Nutrition;
    8. History of medicine;
    9. Medical terminology; and
    10. Medical ethics.
  3. The study of Oriental languages, t'ai chi, and qi gong; and
  4. Any area of expertise covered in Acp 601.03 Scope of Practice for Licensed Acupuncturists

Courses in business, management, insurance billing and practice building are not allowed for CEUs in New Hampshire for Acupuncturists (even if these courses are allowed by NCCAOM for NCCAOM recertification).

One hour of classroom time shall be equivalent to one CEU.

Attendance at all CEU courses shall be officially verified.

CEU courses must be Board Approved via automatic approval as below, or the instructor must apply to the NH Board of Acupuncture Licensing for prior approval.

back to topBoard Approval of Continuing Education Courses

The board shall automatically approve all courses related to acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and general medical education that meet the requirements listed above and are:

  1. Taught at schools that are ACAOM accredited (or in candidacy) at the time the course is taught;
  2. Offered for credit at accredited colleges or universities;
  3. Approved by the NCCAOM review service;
  4. Approved by Continuing Education committees of the American Association of Oriental Medicine or the National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance; or
  5. Approved by other state licensing boards including those offered through state professional organizations following state licensing board requirements.

Courses offered by any sponsor or teacher other than those identified above shall be approved only if the course sponsor or instructor applies to the NHBAL prior to the course. See Continuing Education FAQ for information and the application form.

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