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The Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of the chairs of the seven Governing Boards.

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Board of Directors

  • Scott Roy, AT, Chair of the Athletic Trainers Governing Board, President BOD
  • Olivia Freeman, OT, Chair of the Occupational Therapy Governing Board
  • Lisa A. Demers, LGC, Chair of the Genetic Counselors Governing Board
  • Michael Bassett, RT, Chair of the Recreational Therapy Governing Board
  • Richard Mozier, Jr., RCP, Chair of the Respiratory Care Practitioners Governing Board

The Board of Director's composition is subject to changes on a yearly basis, as Governing Board Chairs are appointed every January.

The Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals is responsible to the Board of Directors and coordinates the work of the Governing Boards.

The Board of Directors elects a President at their last meeting of each year. This person serves as President for the following 12 months.

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Governing Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets at least quarterly and more often if business requires.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • Annual submission of a report, to the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification to be included in their report to the Governor.
  • The establishment of fees;
  • The provision of a forum for issues arising in the allied health professions; and
  • The adoption of rules governing the hearing procedures for the Boards and other matters specified by RSA 328-F:13.

Communication with the Board

Persons wishing to correspond with the Board of Directors or make submissions to it may:

  • Send a letter;
  • Send the correspondence or submission by fax provided that the Board's rules do not require it to be sent by mail; or
  • Send the correspondence or submission by e-mail, provided that the Board's rules do not require it to be sent by mail.

Laws and Administrative Rules governing Licensed Allied Health Professionals

Standing Orders

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