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Speech-Language Pathology News

This page is provided so that licensees and certificate holders may be kept up to date on the most recent information from the Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals and so that the general public will be informed on what the profession of Speech-Language Pathology is doing in the State of New Hampshire.

License Renewal

Speech-Language Pathologist licenses expire December 31, 2017. Renewal packets will be mailed no later than November 1, 2017.

State mail is not forwarded. To receive the packet we must have your current home mailing address on file.

If a complete renewal application is not hand delivered or postmarked by December 1st of the renewal year, you will be assessed a late fee.

Rule Changes

Criminal Offender Record Reports (Spe 303.01):

All applicants for licensure are now required to submit criminal offender record reports. The reports are to be issued by each state where the applicant has resided or been licensed within the past 6 years. See Spe 303.04(i) for the complete rules.

Reside - The long standing policy and interpretation of each of the Governing Board's for the rules that requires an applicant to obtain a criminal offender record report is any place a person has been located in while working, in or out of their profession, including but not limited to clinical experiences, attending school, or any other activity not considered a vacation.

The criminal offender record report requirement includes all States where a student has completed all or part of their clinical experience.

Maintenance of Continuing Competence (Spe405.07):

No more than 50% of the clinical hours described in (b) above shall be obtained thru webinars, teleconferences, teleseminars, video lectures and video curses as described in Spe 405.07. (This rule will go into effect for the biennium ending December 31, 2015)

Successful completion of webinars, teleconferences, teleseminars, video lectures and video courses must contain an assessment portion.

Supervision (Spe 406.01):

Licensees shall not supervise provisional licensees for 3 years from the date of their first license.

Speech-Language Assistants (Spe 608):

(C) Individuals holding a currently valid certificate as a speech-language assistant under these rules shall use one of the following after his or her written name:

  1. Speech-Language Assistant;
  2. Certified speech-language assistant;
  3. "SLA"; or
  4. "CSLA"

(D) Unless certified under these rules, no person shall represent himself or herself, or the services offered by using the letters "SLA" or "CSLA" or the words "speech-language assistant", "certified speech-language assistant", or any other similar words, if the intent of such use is to imply that the person is certified.

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