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Board of Podiatry Late Renewal

Instructions for filing a late renewal.

Pursuant to the New Hampshire Podiatry Rule, Pod 401.04 Late Filing:

(a) A licensee who fails to renew his or her license before expiration may apply to the board for late renewal by submitting the following:

(1) A completed renewal application and payment of the renewal fee as specified in Pod 304.01; and

(2) Payment of the restoration fee, as specified in Pod 304.01, for each year the license was in lapsed status.

(b) A licensee who fails to renew his or her license more than 3 years after such license has expired shall not have his or her license renewed unless the board determines that the licensee has demonstrated professional competence by:

(1) Attending a minimum of 40 hours of continuing podiatry education as specified in Pod 402.01 for the 2 years prior to the date of application; and

(2) Providing verification of other state licenses.