Board of Professional Geologists License Fees

License fees for the NH OPLC Board of Professional Geologists

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New License Fees

License Type Cost License Period
Application Fee – ASBOG Exams  $225.00 13-24 Months  
Application Fee - Geologist-In-Training   $300.00 No License/Certificate Number; No Expiration 


License Type Cost
Fundamentals of Geology  $300.00
Practice of Geology   $360.00
Proctoring for Another Jurisdiction  $150.00


Renewal License Fees
License Type Cost License Period
Renewal Fee   $150.00 24 Months  
Renewal Late Fee   $30.00 Per month for up to 12 months 
Reinstatement Fee  $510.00 After 12 months 


Other Fees
Fee Type Cost
Temporary Permit Fee (30 days within one calendar year) $300.00
Verification of Licensure to Another Jurisdiction    $25.00
Replacement of Lost Mutilated Certificate of Licensure  $50.00
Certification of Licensure Fee  $50.00
Roster $20.00
Copying $.25 per page