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By law (RSA 317-A), all complaints to the Board of Dental Examiners must be received in writing.

If you decide to file a complaint, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and address;
  • The name of the dentist or dental hygienist against whom you are complaining, and the business address and phone number, if available;
  • The name of the patient, if other than yourself, and your relationship to the patient;
  • The name of any other professional with whom you may have consulted regarding the problem and the address of that individual, if available;
  • The dates of the treatment or incident(s);
  • All significant details that describe the treatment or incident(s) in question. Specific facts and circumstances are most important;
  • Attach copies of any documents you have which support your complaint. Do not send originals, as you may need them later;
  • You may also be asked to sign a "Release of Information" form, so that the Board may obtain all the necessary dental records and billing records;

The Board is bound by state law which requires complaints and investigations to be kept confidential. In most cases, complaints are sent to the dentist or hygienist against whom the complaint is filed. He or she will have 20 days to reply to the Board regarding the complaint. The complaint and response are usually first seen by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

You may file an anonymous complaint, but unless the Board believes the allegations have merit, the public is at risk, and you have legitimate reasons for acting anonymously, the Board will not investigate the complaint. Further, the Board cannot guarantee anonymity.

If you need help in filing a complaint, please contact the Board's office at (603) 271-4561.

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