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Emergency Licenses 

OPLC is working to update current licensing systems to accommodate the provisions of Senate Bill 277, signed into law on June 3, 2022.  SB277 extends the expiration date for the Emergency licensing process and the Emergency or Temporary licensing of Health Care workers enacted in       SB155-FN (2021), converts the Temporary or Emergency licenses issued to permanent licenses, and extends the repeal dates of those provisions.  billText.aspx (state.nh.us)

If you have any questions, please contact CustomerSupport@oplc.nh.gov.

Temporary Licenses

Temporary licenses are available via RSA 310-A:1-f.  Any applicant MUST hold an active license in good standing from another State.

To apply for a Temporary License, navigate to the online application site (https://forms.nh.gov/license/Login.aspx) and select “Create an Account.” Once created, use the option “OPLC” for your Profession on the “New Application” page, then complete the application process.

Temporary licenses are available for the following professions:  


  • SB 155,  Health Emergency Licenses 
  • HB 567, EMT and Military personnel now qualify for licensure as an LNA.
  • SB277 Emergency or Temporary Health Care Licenses Converted to Permanent 
  • RSA310-A:1-f, Temporary Licensing Process

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