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Board Members

The board consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor and Executive Council or by statute.

  • Peter Goldsmith, Esquire
    Term: 10/2019
  • Anthony Matrumalo, C.F.M.
    Term: 10/2019
  • Marianne Rousseau, C.F.M. (Chair)
    Term: 09/2019
  • Lynn Aaby, C.F.M.
    Term: 01/2019
  • Richard Cram
    Public at Large
    Term: 04/2018
  • Candace Dochstader, C.F.M.
    Term: 11/2018
  • Honorable Michael Garner
    Term: 04/2019
  • Erin Jasina
    Public at Large
    Term: 04/2020
  • Master Tom Cooper
    Term: 10/2020
  • Mark J. Ciocca
    Mental Health Professional
    Term 10/2020
  • Susan Towle, C.F.M
    Term: 09/2019

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