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Board of Medicine

Welcome to the Board of Medicine.

Governor's Emergency Orders

Emergency Order #29 Exhibit H pdf file
Board of Medicine Additional Modifications
The prohibition in RSA 329:1-d, III of prescribing schedule II through IV controlled drugs by means of telemedicine is hereby suspended for the duration of the State of Emergency. During such time, prescriptions for schedule II through IV controlled drugs may be made in accordance with Emergency Order #8.

Emergency Order #46 pdf file Further expanding access to Medical Providers

Mission Statement

To protect the public from the unprofessional, incompetent, or impaired practice of medicine.

The Board of Medicine issues licenses to qualified Allopathic and Osteopathic physicians and physician assistants based on nationally recognized credentialing standards. The Board regulates the minimum standards for professional conduct and continued competence and takes disciplinary action against licensees who fail to meet these standards.

Board News

On February 19, 2021 the Board of Medicine issued the following update statement regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration:

The recent announcement from the Board of Medicine concerning licensees who refuse to submit patients’ medical information was in response to numerous complaints that the Board has received from patients who have not been able to have their information submitted to the State to receive COVID-19 vaccination. The Board has subsequently learned that when patients and caregivers call 211 and complain about their medical provider being unwilling to evaluate if their patient would qualify for vaccination based on medical conditions, 211 then refers the callers to the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification to file a complaint.

The Board understands and appreciates how hard the past 11 months have been on NH physicians, and appreciates the ongoing efforts to keep patients safe and well-cared for amidst this pandemic. The Board also recognizes that the vast majority of providers are trying to do the best that they can to get the right patients the vaccine now, and to make sure to the best of their ability that they help patients who do not currently qualify (but think they do) understand that they’ll get the vaccine at the appropriate time.

The Board recognizes that these are challenging times with a hopeful path forward out of the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination. While we have extremely limited supplies of vaccines, this adds additional stress and burdens to our licensees as guardians of the vaccine supply to ensure these precious resources are going to vulnerable persons who are at most risk of severe outcomes of COVID-19.

Clearly, if the Board receives a complaint about a provider failing to provide requested medical information to the State, with no clarifying explanation, an investigation may be opened, yet at the same time, the Board recognizes the heroic work of the majority of healthcare providers to assist our most vulnerable Granite State residents to gain access to vaccination.


On November 4, 2020, OPLC’s Board of Medicine voted on an initial proposal amending various sections of Physician Assistant rules (Med 600s pdf file). The Board has scheduled a public hearing on these rule changes for Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 12:30 p.m.

Persons interested in providing oral testimony on this proposal may do so in person at the public hearing. Written testimony will be accepted on March 3, 2021 at the conclusion of the hearing, and may be submitted through mail at the address listed above or via email to

Contact the Board

Contact the Board of Medicine.

Mailing Address

State of New Hampshire
Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
Board of Medicine
7 Eagle Square
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-1203 (Main number)


Pending full license application
Pending locum tenens application
Pending renewal application

Kristin Wagner
(603) 271-6935 (phone) (email)

Pending camp application
Sharon Canney
(603) 271-4728 (phone) (email)

Verify a Physician or Physician Assistant license or change of address
Muriel Lariviere
(603) 271-6936 (phone) (email)

Inquiries for the Complaint Department
Victoria Hebert
(603) 271-6930 (phone) (email)

Board Investigator
Victoria Barnard
(603) 271-4161 (phone) (email)

Board Administrator
Chris Senko, Interim Board Administrator
(603) 271-7618 (phone) (email)

Continuing Education

Mary West, CME Coordinator
New Hampshire Medical Society
(603) 224-1909 (phone) (email)


Opioid Prescribing

The board has compiled a list of resources for prescribing opioid for pain management.

NH Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Legislative Committee Appointments

The Board is looking for volunteers for the following Legislative Committees/Commissions:

  • Senate Bill 447 requires the Board to appoint one licensed physician to a commission to study Narcan.
  • Senate Bill 523 requires the Board to appoint three licensed physicians, one of whom shall specialize in pain medicine, one of whom shall specialize in addiction medicine and one of whom practices in the field of primary care medicine, to a commission to study requiring controlled drugs and controlled drug analogs to be provided in abuse-deterrent formulation. The Board has already appointed a physician who specializes in pain medicine.
  • Senate Bill 135 requires the Board to appoint a pediatric physician licensed under RSA 329 and another pediatric health care provider to a screening commission to assess and recommend measures for preventing childhood lead poisoning and improving screening rates among NH children ages 6 years old and younger.
  • Senate Bill 530 requires the Board to appoint a physician assistant to a commission to study volunteer health services.

Declaratory Ruling

COVID-19 - Emergency Rules Adopted

  • Med 602.02 pdf file file. Revised supervision requirement for Physician Assistants during the pendency of the declared State of Emergency as enacted through Executive Order 2020-04.

Newly Adopted Board Rules:

At its meeting on January 8, 2020, the Board of Medicine adopted Med rules 300-600 pdf file , effective January 10, 2020.

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Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
7 Eagle Square |  Concord, NH 03301
Main Telephone: (603) 271-2152