For Immediate Release
Posted: May 30, 2023


OPLC, Division of Enforcement
(603) 271-2152 |

Beware of Scam Calls

Dear Licensees,

It has been brought to our attention that some licensees have been contacted by individuals claiming they work for the OPLC and that a complaint has been filed against them. These are scam calls and you should not give them any personal information.

When a complaint gets filed against a licensee with the OPLC, Division of Enforcement, the licensee would receive notification of the complaint via first class and certified mail at the address on file with OPLC. This notification would include a copy of the complaint.

If you ever need to confirm whether a phone call you received regarding a complaint is a legitimate call from the OPLC, Division of Enforcement, you can contact us at 603-271-2152 or at
Thank you,

Office of Professional Licensure and Certification