For Immediate Release
Date: May 17, 2024


Emergency Licenses Issued During the New Hampshire Covid-19 State of Emergency

If you were a holder of an emergency license issued during the New Hampshire Covid-19
State of Emergency, your license was converted to a permanent license pursuant to
Senate Bill 277 (2022).

OPLC recently updated its licensing portal to reflect that your emergency license is
now a permanent license. This required assigning a new license number based on
your profession.

Your license will expire June 3,2024. You will receive a renewal notification from that will include your new license number. If you would like
to continue practicing in New Hampshire, you must renew this license before it

To renew, please complete the following steps:
Submit a complete Universal Renewal Application-either by paper or through
OPLC's online portal.
Pay the applicable fee.
Complete all renewal requirements established by the applicable board.
You can find the link to the website communication here.

Thank you,
Office of Professional Licensure and Certification