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About the Board

About the Board of Nursing

Mission and Philosophy Statement


The mission/mandate of the New Hampshire Board of Nursing (NHBON) is pursuant to RSA 326-B:1:

I. …to safeguard life, health, and the public welfare of the people of this state and in order to protect the people of the state of New Hampshire from the unauthorized, unqualified, and improper application of services by individuals in the practice of nursing, it is necessary that a regulatory authority be established and adequately funded. To further this policy the practice of nursing shall be regulated through the New Hampshire board of nursing, and said board shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

II. Nursing is a dynamic discipline and its practice is continually evolving to include more sophisticated patient care activities. The purpose of this chapter is to provide clear legal authority for functions and procedures that have common acceptance and usage and to recognize the overlapping functions between registered nurses and other licensed health care providers in the delivery of health care services.

Philosophy Statement

  • The policy decisions of the NHBON are constantly focused on public safety, health and welfare.
  • The NHBON is responsive to practice and education environments in the ever changing health care needs of the citizens of the State of New Hampshire.
  • Nursing related policies are responsive to the changing health care environment.
  • Unnecessary barriers to licensure and practice are examined to determine the best direction to expedite licensing and practice.
  • The NHBON is responsive to other disciplines and collaborates openly and thoughtfully.
  • The NHBON, while recognizing the confines of the mandate is responsive to consumers and will react in a positive, assistive manner at all times. This applies to all staff, Board and Committee members.
  • The NHBON staff strives to meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Conflict and complaints are considered opportunity for open discussion among all stakeholders.

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