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Board office staff, map and driving directions to the Board of Nursing, phone numbers, fax, email and hours of operation.

If experiencing technical difficulties with your online renewal please contact the webmaster at


Denise Nies MSN, RN, BC
Board Administrator
(603) 271-0741

Elaine Bonner
Secretary II
(603) 271-1452

Kim Cicchetto
Program Assistant II
(603) 271-6604

Linda Clark
Licensure Clerk
(603) 271-0282

Bonnie Crumley Aybar RN, MSN, CPAN
Program Specialist IV
(603) 271-3822

Debbie Hoos
Licensure Clerk (LNA)
(603) 271-0284

Kathryn Roy Jameson
Licensure Clerk
(603) 271-6349

Maureen May
Paralegal I
(603) 271-3825

Joann Seaward
Licensure Clerk (LNA)
(603) 271-3974

Jamie Stevens
Nursing Supervisor
(603) 271-6788

Celina Waryasz
Licensure Clerk
(603) 271-0238

Emily Whittaker
Program Assistant I
(603) 271-7809



  • (603) 271-2323 (Nursing)
  • (603) 271-6282 (Nursing Assistant)
  • (603) 271-6605 (Fax)

The Board of Nursing cannot return calls from other countries, including Canada. Please email your questions or concerns to

Scope of Practice Questions

If you would like the Board to consider a scope of practice question that hasn't yet been answered, please download the Clinical Practice Inquiry Form pdf file.

The board will review your question and determine whether additional information is needed. If additional research is required, the Practice and Education committee will review and send a recommendation to the board for its decision. P&E committee uses the following questions in their work:

  • Does having a nurse perform the task enhance patient care? Is doing so in the best interest of the patient?
  • Does the proposed task enhance the practice of professional nursing, or is it simply an additional responsibility for nurses at the convenience of the physician?
  • If nurses perform this task, can they address potential complications independently?
  • Is it legal for the nurse to perform the task, according to the Nurse Practice Act, which differentiates the practice of Nursing from the practice of Medicine?

The board will determine an answer at its board meeting and allow a 30 day public comment period for interested persons to respond. The board will confirm the final answer at its next meeting. The board will not reverse a decision without presentation of facts that have changed and/or there is scientific data to convince the board of a decision reversal. The board will post all decisions in Board of Nursing White Paper documents.

The board meets the 4th Thursday each month.

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Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
121 South Fruit Street |  Concord, NH 03301
Main Telephone: (603) 271-2152