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Requirements for criminal background checks, criminal background monitoring, statements regarding actions that violate the nurse practice act and support resources for licensees that deal with alcohol and drug impairment.

When a complaint is received by the Board of Nursing:

  • Licensee Notification Letter is sent to the licensee along with a copy of the complaint, requesting a written response to the allegations in the complaint.
  • The written response should be sent in a trackable manner, so that you may verify the response has been received by the board of nursing office. For example:
    • Email
    • Email attachment
    • United States Postal Service
      • Certified Return Receipt
      • Trackable mail
    • Another form of delivery service such as Fed Ex, DHL or United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • The board of nursing subpoenas documents.
  • An investigation begins.
  • The investigation may take several months to be completed.
  • Once the investigation is complete, the Board will review the matter in a non-public session at a monthly board meeting.
  • Board meeting schedule is available online.
  • The Board may:
    • dismiss the complaint;
    • dismiss the complaint with a Letter of Concern (which is confidential and not disciplinary);
    • Vote to forward the matter to the Attorney General’s Office - Administrative Prosecutions Unit (APU) for discipline.
    • The APU handles a case once it is referred to them for discipline.
      • Matter may be resolved by:
        • Settlement Agreement or
        • Adjudicatory (hearing)
          • Licensees are notified via notice of hearing in advance of the hearing.
          • Licensee absence from the hearing does not stop the hearing from taking place.
          • Licensee may be represented by an attorney, at their own expense
        • Dismissed

Informational July 26th, 2019

Documents Relating to Complaints

Criminal Background Information for Licensure

Resources for Board Monitoring of Discipline

New Hampshire Alternative/Recovery Monitoring Program

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