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Pharmacist Continuing Education Requirements

All pharmacists licensed in New Hampshire are required to earn a minimum of 1.5 CEU's (15-hours) during the 12 months immediately preceding the license renewal date of January 1'st. At least 0.5 CEU's (5-hours) shall be earned in a didactic (live) setting.

"Continuing Education" (CE) means accredited or approved post-licensure pharmacy education designed to maintain professional competence in the practice of pharmacy, improve professional skills, and preserve pharmaceutical standards for the purpose of protecting the health and welfare of the citizens in the state of New Hampshire. Continuing education includes study in one or more of the general areas of the properties and actions of drugs and dosage forms, etiology, characteristics and therapeutics of the disease state, socio-economic and legal aspects of health care.

Program Accreditation/Approval: In order to be recognized and accepted in New Hampshire, continuing education must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. "Accredited programs and/or courses" - means continuing education sponsored by providers which are approved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE). or
  2. "Board approved programs and/or courses" - means continuing education which has been reviewed and recommended by the continuing education advisory council and approved by the Board of Pharmacy. or
  3. "AMA Category I programs" - means all programs accepted by the American Medical Association in (CME) Category I.

Certificates: It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to obtain a detailed certificate of completion for each CE program or course completed. It is also the responsibility of the pharmacist to retain all certificates and/or other documented evidence of participation in an approved / accredited continuing education program/course for a period of at least 3 years.

Annual CE Audit: Each year, in March or April, the Board conducts an audit of at least 10% of all pharmacists who have renewed their New Hampshire licenses. Upon notification, you must submit CE certificates / documents for those programs that you have completed / attended during the calendar year immediately preceding the current licensure year.

Excess CEU's: Excess CEU's earned in one licensure period shall not be carried forward into the new licensure period for the purpose of fulfilling that year's continuing education prerequisite for licensure renewal.

CEU's From Other States: The Board of Pharmacy will accept comparable continuing education units which have been approved by other boards of pharmacy provided they meet or exceed the New Hampshire requirements.

Post-Graduate Pharmacy Programs: A pharmacist enrolled in a PharmD program may apply completed course work for CE credit. Call the Board office at (603) 271-2350 for more information.

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