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Board of Psychologists

The New Hampshire Board of Psychologists regulates and licenses the psychology profession in the State of New Hampshire.

The Board's mission is protection of the public as well as the licensing and regulation of the psychology profession. The Board of Psychologists is an eight member board appointed by the Governor for the five year terms. There are five Psychologists and three Public Members.

The Board of Psychologists is responsible for assuring that applicants are qualified to practice in the State of New Hampshire and that they adhere to professional and ethical standards once they are licensed. The psychology profession in the State of New Hampshire is regulated by RSA 329-B and the Board's Administrative Rules. Complaint investigations are conducted by the Board's Investigative Subcommittee consisting of experienced licensed Doctors of Psychology.

The Board of Psychologists regulates the practice of psychology by practitioners in New Hampshire to assure that the services provided are of a quality consistent with the standard of care within the profession, and to safeguard the public against harm which may be caused by untrained, unskilled, or unlicensed practitioners.

The New Hampshire Psychological Association is eager to assist applicants for licensure, however some questions, particularly about ethical practice, current status of licensure, or investigations need to be directly addressed to the Board during their monthly Board meeting and can be sent to General questions about the application forms or assistance with essays can be directed to Leslie Gould, MSW, NHPA Assistant Director, PO Box 1492, Dover, NH 03821, 603-415-0451,

Board News

PsyPact is accepting applications; telemedicine grant

Aug 2020. PsyPact was signed into law by on Governor Sununu in June of 2019 making NH one of the first states to form the Commission and one of the states to help write the foundational rules. PsyPact is an interstate compact that will allow individual psychologists to practice in other member states after obtaining the optional credentials for either telemedicine (full year) or 30 day in-person practice into member states. It is OPTIONAL for NH Psychologists to obtain these credentials. They must be applied for through ASPPB (the same organization that administers the national psychology exam EPPP).

What this means for NH psychologists: Psychologists who have a license in a member state (NH is one of 12 who are members already) may apply for the basic credential at ASPPB and then the permit from the PsyPact Commission; both steps are done in one application through ASPPB for either the telemedicine credential or the 30 day in-person practice credential. Cost for these compact credentials: the fees for telemedicine are $400 for the ASPPB ePassport then $40 for the PsyPact portion; and for in-person $200 for the ASPPB IPC plus $40 for the PsyPact portion; thus if one wanted both credentials the total would therefore be $680. The big news is that ASPPB has received a federal grant for 2020 that waives the $400 fee for the ASPPB telemedicine ePassport, so one only need pay the $40 PsyPact fee for the telemedicine credential altogether. So as a result, one can obtain the telemedicine credential by itself for just $40 and only pay the renewal fees of $100 per year after that. There is no grant for the in-person credential which remains at full price.

The criteria for the telemedicine credential are: Doctoral Psychology license in a member state; no discipline issues; Degree that is APA or CPA approved; and a passing score on the EPPP national exam. These criteria are determined by law and are not subject to interpretation or waiver. One can apply for the telemedicine credential here:
More detail on the telemedicine credential here:

For more information about both avenues of practice under Psypact – in-person and telemedicine see here:

Difficulties with the application website: The board is aware that there are some confusing issues in the ASPPB application website and is addressing these with the ASPPB administration and the Commission. One issue is that there are many other ASPPB credential programs nested in their website application processor and the step-by-step process is unclear. It is suggested that NH applicants download and utilize the quick guide and also seek guidance via tech support within the application if encountering difficulties. Another common issue for applicants is not knowing the exact date they have taken the EPPP exam. The board is inquiring about all of these issues. Please note that this interstate license is new to our field and the systems are being designed and implemented very quickly especially during the high demand of the COVID 19 epidemic, so the mechanics may be imperfect in the brand new process that only went live on July 1st. With feedback from the states to ASPPB, we are working to help things get smoother for the applicants. NHPA is also collecting information and assisting psychologists with the PsyPact application process and also has a helpful application companion document that can help navigate the application website.

Update by Dr Deborah Warner, Vice Chair of Board of Psychologists and NH Commissioner to PsyPact


COVID-19 Updates: On Tuesday March 17, 2020, Pearson VUE closed all testing centers in the United States and Canada. Candidates who had exams scheduled during this timeframe are being contacted by Pearson. Updates will be posted to the OPLC website as they become available.

School Psychology News

The New Hampshire Board of Psychology has been asked to provide an opinion regarding the clinical application of remote psychological assessment during the current pandemic:
Board Statement on Assessment pdf file



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Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
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Office of Professional Licensure and Certification
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Main Telephone: (603) 271-2152