Advisory Board of Body Art Practitioners Laws and Rules

Laws and Administrative Rules governing Licensed Advisory Board of Body Art Practitioners.

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  • OPLC Rules
  • Chapter Plc 600  NOTE:  Plc 400 has been renumbered as Plc 600, with editorial changes in Plc 601.06(f)(2)e. and Plc 602.02(f) to replace “affects” with “effects”.  No other changes to the rules have been made.  The chapter includes the new Microblading Certificate rules as Plc 605.

Standing Orders

  • Standing Order 2021-1 The Executive Director’s Delegation of its Quasi-Judicial Authority and Responsibilities Related to Ophthalmic Dispensing and the Advisory Boards of Body Art Practitioners, Electrologists, Massage Therapists, and Reflexology, Structural Integrators & Asian Bodywork Therapists to the Hearings Examiner.

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