Interested in becoming an OPLC Board Member?

OPLC Board Member Vacancies

Interested in serving as a Board member or are you a current Board member nearing term expiration that wishes to be reappointed?  Please use our online form to submit the required information.  Current Board vacancies can be found on the Board’s webpage under the 'Board Member Directory'.

General information regarding public service on an OPLC Board:

  • Appointments are generally made by the Governor with consent of the Executive Council.
  • Board members generally travel to downtown Concord one day per month for a meeting.
  • Depending on the Board, meetings can last a full day.
  • Meetings are typically scheduled between the hours of 8 and 4.  
  • Opportunities for remote participation at meetings is limited per RSA 91-A.
  • OPLC reimburses Board members for mileage and provides a small per diem for each meeting attended.  
  • Board members may spend several hours each month reviewing meeting materials.
  • Board members may participate in investigations of complaints against licensees.
  • Board members access meeting materials via an online Board member portal only, utilizing the member’s personal device of choice.
  • Applications for public members are always needed.
  • Serving on a professional licensing board is a fantastic opportunity to serve the Granite State!