Board of Dental Examiners FAQs

FAQs for the Board of Dental Examiners.

FAQs for Dental Examiners

What are the requirements if a licensed dentist wishes to perform Botox (botulinum toxin) or dermafiller procedures in NH?

Den 302.04 (d) – Dentists who wish to perform botulinum toxin or dermafiller procedures shall submit documentation to the board that demonstrates completion of at least 8 hours of hands-on training prior to performing such procedures.

How does a dental hygienist obtain a nitrous oxide permit?

Send a written request with a $25 check made payable to “Treasurer – State of NH” , along with the Nitrous Oxide Verification Form found on the Board’s website which we ask you to send to the school for completion. This will result in the most efficient processing of your permit request. If the course was taken out of state, a course syllabus is required.

If a dental applicant is educated outside of the United States, what is the education requirement?

Den 301.02(i) 1-3. - Applicants must be graduates of a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited general dentistry program of at least 2 years duration that awards a DMD or DDS degree.

How long do dentists have to keep dental records?

RSA 317-A:27-a Dental Records – A dentist shall maintain patients' paper, electronic, and radiographic records for at least 7 years from the time the dentists or dental hygienist last treated the patient. In the case of a minor patient, a dentist shall maintain a patient's paper, electronic, and radiographic dental records for at least 7 years past the age of majority.

I have moved. As a licensee, how long do I have to notify the Board of my change of address?

Den 301.09 (c) – All persons licensed to practice dentistry or dental hygiene in this state shall notify the board in writing within 30 days of any change of business, residential or primary email address which may occur during the period between biennial registrations. Failure to do so may result in the Board issuing a letter of concern to the licensee.

What qualifications does a dental assistant need to do certain duties and what expanded duties are they allowed to perform?
What are the requirements for obtaining/providing dental records?
  • Chapter 332-I
  • Den 501.01(e) - Upon request of a patient, dentists shall provide a copy of the patient's records within 20 days for a nominal fee not to exceed $15 for up to 30 pages and $0.50 per page thereafter, pursuant to RSA 332-I. Radiographs and models shall be provided at a reasonable cost. This obligation shall exist whether or not the patient's account is paid in full or whether the patient has paid for his or her records.
  • ADA Code of Ethics 1.B.1. Furnishing Copies of Records. A dentist has the ethical obligation on request of either the patient or the patient's new dentist to furnish in accordance with applicable law, either gratuitously or for nominal cost, such dental records or copies or summaries of them, including dental x-rays or copies of them, as will be beneficial for the future treatment of that patient. This obligation exists whether or not the patient's account is paid in full.
What do I need to do to change my license from inactive to active?

For both Dentists and Hygienists, refer to instructions on the Applications for Dentists and Applications for Dental Hygienists pages. Please click on these links for the instructions.