Board of Optometry FAQs

Frequently asked questions received by the Board of Optometry.

What does the Board of Optometry do?

The Board of Optometry has regularly scheduled meetings approximately every 6 weeks, posted on the website, during which the Board evaluates optometrists who apply for licensure, including administering a state examination and licenses those who are found to be qualified. The Board also investigates and evaluates existing licensees and commences disciplinary action accordingly. The Board promulgates administrative rules.

What constitutes a prescription for eye glasses?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Rules under Title 16, a prescription is the written specifications for lenses for eyeglasses which are derived from an eye examination, including all of the information specified by state law, if any, necessary to obtain lenses for eyeglasses. The definition of a prescription for lenses for eyeglasses under the New Hampshire statutes, RSA 327-A, means a dated and signed, written or oral direction not more than 24 months old from an ophthalmologist or optometrist for therapeutic or corrective lenses which state the prescribed refractive power and when necessary, the vertex distance, cylinder axis, and prism. The oral prescription must be recorded and kept on file for one year by the ophthalmic dispenser.

What constitutes a contact lens prescription and when does a prescription for contact lenses expire?

According to the New Hampshire Board of Optometry law, RSA 327:25-a,V, a contact lens prescription shall expire one year from the date of issue, unless otherwise specified by the prescriber for health reasons.

There are two sites that you should review that will give you the necessary information. The first is from the FTC called "The Contact Lens Rule: A Guide for Prescribers and Sellers." The second is the NH Optometry Law, RSA 327:25-a which discusses the specifics of "Contact Lens Prescriptions to be Provided to the Patient."

Who are the TPA/g Certified Optometrists licensed in New Hampshire?

License Lookup 

What are the Contact Lens Dispensers requirements for registration in New Hampshire?

Refer to the Out of State Dispensers for requirements.

What are the Continuing Education requirements?

Refer to the Continuing Education requirements.

What are the licensure requirements?

Refer to the Licensing Requirements.