Electricians' Board Apprenticeship Requirements

Requirements to serve as an Electrician Apprentice in New Hampshire.

(a) All apprentice electricians shall be employed by a master electrician or other employer who is not in the primary business of performing electrical installations but who also employs a NH master electrician from whom the apprentice electrician receives direction and supervision. Each apprentice electrician shall obtain identification cards issued by the board. Apprentice electrician identification cards shall be valid for a period of 12 months.

(b) Apprentice applicants shall possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

(c) The diploma requirement shall be waived if the applicant is a registered student in a "youth apprenticeship program for high school students" recognized and approved by the board as meeting the following requirements:

(1) Students enrolled in an approved vocational electrical program shall be registered with the board;
(2) Teachers in an approved vocational electrical program shall be currently licensed electricians in the state of NH, as in RSA 319-C:3 IX-a;
(3) Students shall be issued an apprentice identification card and shall be afforded all the opportunities to receive credit for a maximum of 150 hours of related             classroom hours during the 2 year school program period;
(4) Students shall also be provided the opportunity to accumulate up to 250 credit hours of required field experience, on the job training hours, per year;
(5) Students shall record all accumulated schooling and field experience hours during the instructional program;
(6) The secondary education vocational center shall serve the student apprentice as the initial sponsor/master;
(7) Additional on the job training hours shall be accumulated when a student apprentice is employed with a second sponsor/master;
(8) Any sponsor/master participating in the program shall not employ more than 10% of the students from any single school electrical program unless other employers are not available;
(9) A school craft or advisory committee shall be assigned to oversee the electrical program;
(10) Upon successful completion of the 2 year program and graduation from high school, the student apprentices shall be credited with 150 hours of related instruction time by the department of education;
(11) Credit shall also be recognized for all accumulated on the job training hours, accompanied by certifications of completed field experience authenticated by the supervising master electrician;
(12) All credit shall be in accordance with the guidelines as described under (3); and
(13) If the student chooses to be employed part time by a sponsor/master, as described under (6) under no circumstances shall credit be recognized for accumulated field experience exceeding an additional 1500 hours before high school graduation.

(d) The school craft or advisory committee shall meet the following requirements:

(1) At least one member shall be a master electrician, who shall assume the master electrician responsibilities, to oversee the development of the electrical apprentice;
(2) The designated master electrician shall be nominated to serve on the craft committee by the electricians' licensing board, as required in RSA 319-C:3 IX-a; and
(3) The master shall be responsible to update the electricians' licensing board with program progress reports before the school year begins, at the mid year break, and at the end of the school year.

(e) Apprentices shall satisfactorily complete a minimum of 150 hours of electrical schooling in an approved training course during each 12 month period that the apprentice identification card is valid.

(f) Upon receipt of certificate, transcript, or official letter of enrollment in or completion of electrical schooling, an identification card shall be issued for another 12 months.


Apprentice Applications

For apprentice identification card the following shall be provided about the applicant:

(1) Name, address and telephone number;
(2) Place of birth, city, state and date of birth;
(3) Present employer, nature of employer's business,address, and date employment started;
(4) Name and address of most recent former employer;
(5) Names and addresses of 3 references of persons unrelated to the applicant and who have knowledge of the applicant's character;
(6) Names of schools, date of high school graduation, courses, degrees and certificates;
(7) Recognizable recent photograph of the applicant taken no more than 6 months prior to filing the application;
(8) If applicant has been licensed as an electrician in another state and the name of that state;
(9) Signature of supervising master electrician and his/her master electrician's license number; and
(10) Applicant's signature.


Apprentice Fees

Licensing fees for Apprentices


Approved Schooling

Approved apprenticeship programs in New Hampshire 


Apprentice Continuing Education

(a) Commencing January 1, 2003, any apprentice with a current NH apprentice ID card who has completed the schooling requirements but has not achieved a journeyman electrician license before the fifth renewal of the apprentice ID card shall successfully complete 30 hours of classroom instruction each year before the ID card shall be renewed.

(b) Education providers shall furnish the board, annually, with a course outline and instructor(s) qualifications, for supplemental education which shall include: (1)-(4)

(1) Areas of deficiency identified by the board from the average of the most recent journeyman exam results;
(2) Instructors names and resumes;
(3) Number of days and number of hours per day over which courses will be given; and
(4) The location(s) of the courses.

(c) Courses shall be reviewed by the board or a committee designated by the board who shall then make a recommendation to the board.

(d) The board shall approve courses meeting the requirements.

Providers currently approved for the 30 hour apprenticeship continuing education course are:

Jade: (internet course) www.jadelearning.com
Fred Kelley: (603) 432-5342
IBEW: (603)224-4239
James Maxfield: (603) 661-9031
Mike Holt: (internet course) (888)632-2633/ www.mikeholt.com

Supervision of Apprentice and Journeyman Electricians

(a) Electrical installations performed by an apprentice electrician shall be directly supervised by a master or journeyman electrician at all times.

(b) Electrical installations performed by a journeyman electrician shall be periodically inspected by the master electrician from whom he receives direction and supervision. The master electrician shall perform a final inspection of the journeyman's completed installation.

(c) If there is a failure of supervision as required by (a) or (b) above the board shall undertake disciplinary proceedings against the license(s) and apprentice(s) involved.


To Apply for or Renew an Apprentice ID Card

NH Electricians' Board
7 Eagle Square
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-2152


Attention Contractors

As of May 1, 2000, registration with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training of the US Department of Labor or state apprenticeship agency or state apprenticeship council is voluntary for new apprentice ID card applicants and for apprentices renewing their apprentice ID cards. However, registration with either of these agencies is recommended by the Board and beneficial to the professional development of the apprentice.

Be Advised: An apprentice ID card from the Electricians' Board is still required for all apprentices performing electrical installations in the State of New Hampshire. Renewal applications must include proof of the schooling requirements.

For your information, we have included the following addresses, contacts, telephone and fax numbers for the New Hampshire federal and state agencies. Out-of-state contractors should contact the federal or state agencies in their home states for registration of their apprentices.


Schooling information

NH Department of Education
21 South Fruit Street Suite 20
Concord, NH 03301
Contact: Dean Graziano
Telephone: (603) 271-3397
Fax: (603) 271-4079
email: Dean.Graziano@doe.nh.gov

US Department of Labor
Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training
Cleveland Federal Building, Room 3703
55 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
Fax (603) 226-7761
Contact: Lauren Smith, State Director
Telephone: (603) 225-1444
email: smith.lauren.m@dol.gov
Wynn Young, A.T.R.
Telephone: (603) 225-1446
email: young.wynn.b@dol.gov