NH Real Estate Appraisers Board Education and Training

New Hampshire credentials are renewed on the licensees' biennial birth month (except Apprentice).

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Late applications are subject to a $50 late fee.

Within each two year cycle all appraisers must have completed at least 28 hours of continuing education.

Credit will only be granted for attending courses that are approved by the Board. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are attending an approved course. Simply because a course is offered in or near New Hampshire does not mean that the provider has applied to be added to our approved list.

A list of courses that are currently approved is available below. If you have taken, or plan to take a course that is not on our approved list, you should first contact the provider and see if the application is in process. If not, you may apply for it to be added to our list, but you must prepare the same application the provider must submit. pay the same fee and submit the same materials. It is best that the provider prepare the submission.

Licensees' will be randomly audited for continuing education compliance. Continuing education verification must be retained by the licensee for 4 years.

All renewing appraisers (including Apprentices) must attend the National 7-hour USPAP Update Course (or its AQB approved equivalent), every two calendar years. This seven hour class is included in the required 28 hours.

A minimum of one half of your continuing education must have been completed in a classroom setting.

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