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Reciprocity in New Hampshire

FAQs about new Reciprocity Rules in New Hampshire


New Changes for Reciprocity in New Hampshire

The mission of the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification is to create a regulatory environment that is protective of the public and favorable to workforce opportunities.  OPLC’s FY23-25 Strategic Plan prioritizes licensure portability as a key agency initiative. To that end, many professions offer streamlined pathways to licensure in New Hampshire for individuals who are licensed in another jurisdiction.  New Hampshire is also a member of several interstate compacts designed to facilitate licensure of qualified individuals from other jurisdictions.

Additionally, on June 28, 2023, Governor Christopher T. Sununu signed House Bill 594.  Under HB 594, the Office “shall issue licenses to professionals who present evidence of an active license in good standing from another jurisdiction . . . provided that the jurisdiction’s licensing requirements are substantially similar to New Hampshire’s license requirements.”  Qualified individuals seeking licensure in New Hampshire through endorsement—also known as reciprocity—will no longer need to submit transcripts, examination results, evidence of experience, letters of reference, and other documentation typically required to obtain a license.

HB 594 goes into effect on August 27, 2023.  The bill requires the Office to adopt administrative rules to implement the bill.  The Office intends to file interim rules shortly after the bill becomes effective.  The Office expects finalizing interim rules by the end of calendar year, 2023.

Current reciprocity requirements and processes will remain in effect until August 27, 2023.  For more information about current reciprocity, visit your Board's home page and the choose Applications.

As the OPLC adopts rules to reflect HB 594, reciprocity information will be updated for each qualifying profession.

Laws & Rules Reference:  HB 594