Recreational Therapy Governing Board Laws and Rules

Laws and Administrative Rules governing Licensed Physical Therapy.

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Proposed Rules

Plc 1400  Recreational Therapists  INTERIM

OPLC is proposing to adopt Plc 1400 as INTERIM rules to regulate the practice of Recreational Therapy.  If adopted, the rules will be in effect for 180 days or until regular (10-year) rules are adopted, whichever is sooner.  

The rules are expected to be on the agenda for JLCAR review at the meeting scheduled for December 15, 2022.  A  public hearing will be held when the rules are proposed as regular rules, but no public hearing will be held on the Proposed Interim Rules.  However, you may submit comments to on the Proposed Interim Rules; any comments received will be considered prior to establishing the Initial Proposal for regular rules.

Standing Orders

  • Standing Order 2021-1 The Executive Director’s Delegation of its Quasi-Judicial Authority and Responsibilities Related to Ophthalmic Dispensing and the Advisory Boards of Body Art Practitioners, Electrologists, Massage Therapists, and Reflexology, Structural Integrators & Asian Bodywork Therapists to the Hearings Examiner.

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