Board of Acupuncture License Renewal

Current license holders are responsible for informing the Board of Acupuncture Licensing of your current home and business address and phone.

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Renewal of License

Any licensee wishing to renew a license shall submit the following no later than 30 days prior to the date of license expiration:

  1. The renewal application supplied by the board
  2. The fee specified

Renewal licenses shall be valid for 2 years upon approval of application submitted in a timely manner.

Failure to send the renewal application on time shall result in:

  1. The potential for a temporary period of lapsed licensure during which time the applicant shall not practice acupuncture provided that:
    1. Applicant has filed an application for renewal prior to the actual date of license expiration and that application is only awaiting board approval; or
    2. Applicant has filed a petition with the board.


  2. Expiration of licensure if application for renewal has not been received prior to the actual date of license expiration.

In the case of expiration, such person shall not practice acupuncture until such time that a new license is applied for and granted by the board on the regular meeting timetable for review of new applications.

In the case of expiration and new license application, the supporting documentation (such as degree transcripts and acupuncture education transcripts) from the original application already on file with the board shall be deemed adequate and does not need to be resubmitted. However, information that must be current, such as NCCAOM certification with new expiration date, proof of current licensure in another state with expiration date, and a check or money order for $110.00 payable to “Treasurer, State of NH".

Failure to Satisfy Continuing Education Requirements

If a licensee has not met the CEU requirement at the time of license renewal, the licensee may petition the board for a waiver of the deadline. Contact the board as soon as possible with a plan to complete the CEU requirement in a timely manner.

File a petition with the board prior to the date of license expiration which proposes a specific timetable for completing specified courses or activities to correct the CEU deficiency; and

You shall suspend practicing acupuncture on the date of license expiration until such deficiency has been resolved and until the license is renewed.

Failure to submit such petition prior to the date of license expiration shall:

  1. Result in license expiration; and
  2. Necessitate application for a new license.

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