For Immediate Release
Posted: December 20, 2023


Board of Pharmacy--Declaratory Ruling

The Board of Pharmacy has issued a Declaratory Ruling in response to a Petition filed by the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification.  The Board ruled that Ph 1104.0, which requires licensees seeking to enter a Collaborative Practice Agreement to submit an application for approval by the Board, establishes requirements that exceed the Board’s statutory authority.  Accordingly, the Board found Ph 1104 is unenforceable.  The Board also ruled that Ph 1105.02, which addresses certain procedures for a pharmacist party to an Agreement, is enforceable.
A copy of the Board’s ruling may be found on the OPLC website here:    

Based on this Ruling, applications for Collaborative Practice Agreements are no longer required to be submitted to the Board of Pharmacy for approval. Licensing fees are no longer going to be enforced for Collaborative Practice Agreements.  All current and future Collaborative Practice Agreements still must follow the standards outlined in Ph 1100 Collaborative Practice Agreements administrative rules, except for section Ph 1104, which had required an application process.